Sunday, August 11, 2019

Iron and Indigo

Last night was the opening reception for my featured artist show at The ARTery Gallery in Milford, PA.  It was a success in that I was very happy with how my work was exhibited and in the completion of the pieces, all of the custom framing and the installation.  Here are some shots of one of the several series that are on display until September 9th. 

4Fe + 3O2  ---> 2Fe2O3

Forged by fire, iron is part of our everyday lives.  In the presence of water it creates rust.  This chemical reaction can only occur when iron comes in contact with water.  The textiles in this series were created using one of two processes.  The blue textiles were manipulated and dyed using Shibori techniques and indigo dye.  The rusted fabrics were soaked in a weak acid and then placed in contact with rusted pieces of iron.  Pressure and time allow each textile to become a unique transfer of rust.  The same piece of iron can be used repeatedly but, the amount of time, pressure or condition of the rust changes with each transfer.  Thus, the process can be repeated but the results cannot be duplicated.

Each piece is 8" X 8" and matted with a spacer in a 12" X 12" gallery natural wood frame.  Altogether there are six pieces.  Stop by to see the other two. 

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