Monday, January 9, 2017

Creative Art Workshop

Happy Monday!  It's in the single digits here but yesterday an intimate group of creative people stayed warm by joining me for my first in a series of creative art workshops.  It was held at the Sunrise Yoga Studio in my hometown of Branchville, NJ.   After taking part in a paint and sip hosted by a good friend of mine, I decided that I would like to try my hand at teaching an art event.  Now, I'm no painter - as many of you who have viewed this blog before will attest to.  So, I decided to make it a workshop that focused on various processes and layering to create unique pieces that spoke to the individual.  I used my recent Yin-Yang series as a guide and here are the results.

We started with some thoughtful under layering of images and text that spoke to each person.
Then we painted the first layer of paint.  We used analogous colors and and blended them with some acrylic blending medium.
You can see how the under layer comes through the first layer of paint and even when it is obscured, the intention is in the piece.
We cut some stencils of the Yin-Yang - it required a bit of math but everyone seemed to survive it - and there was wine available.
One the stencil was cut, we used painter's tape to hold them in place so we could add our second layer of paint.  At this table everyone chose the same first layer colors, however each of their pieces turned out very different from each other.

After the second layer of paint and a bit of outlining, the artists added some extra collage pieces in the negative space and Voila! Personalized and meaningful art pieces.  That's a good Sunday afternoon spent!

Thanks to Cassia, owner of Sunrise Studio and all the participants for a fun afternoon.  I'm hoping to get some folks out on February 5th for my second workshop.  Yeah, I know it's Superbowl Sunday - but we're going to start early and you'll still have time to get to the guacamole and chips and to watch your favorite commercials and musical artists at halftime.  Let's face it, if your favorite team isn't playing that's the most interesting part anyway.  Hope you can join us!

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  1. What a great workshop, Claude! All the pieces look terrific. Wish I had been there...!
    - Renee Harris