Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Series for my October Gallery Show!

Well, September is pretty far behind us now, which is good for me as a teacher.  September brings, along with crisp days and wonderful moonrises, a return to the sometimes overwhelming task of starting off another school year.  Yet, having joined an artists' coop has kept me on course with completing some projects.  This recent series bas started with one inspiration fabric and then a thorough investigation of my fabric stash to add complimentary fabrics and TA-DA!

The first piece that I started (and last one I finished) was this piece, titled "Earth Goddess".  It was conceived just as we were about to become grandparents - no coincidence.  I had birth and renewal on the brain and I used my vibrant color palette to bring my idea to life in full color.

Dimensions: 18" X 24"

The inspiration fabric is the batik on the left and the other fabrics include some hand dyed cottons, shibori dyed cotton, silk scraps, hand dyed table linens and even some upholstery scraps.  I kept it pretty simple and added both machine free motion quilting and hand stitching to draw in the viewer.  The fabric that appears a bit orange is a crossweave that I bought on my summer trip to New Mexico and it is a hand woven linen that is absolutely gorgeous.  If you are ever in Taos, you must go to The Common Thread/Uncommon Fabrics - it's in the plaza area and it has a wonderful selection of very unique fabrics.  I indulged there quite a bit.

The Earth Goddess was followed by my paired pieces, Sunrise and Moonrise.  The collage started with no particular direction and when I stepped back, there it was - one looked like morning and one looked like evening.  
Dimensions: 8" X 10"

Dimensions: 8" X 10"

Onto the next piece, which goes with my Earth Goddess, The Divine Blue Lotus.  Keeping true to my color palette and machine and hand stitching, this piece just evolved naturally once I had the background collage completed.  I never really planned the focal point of the piece - it just spoke to me when I laid it down next to the goddess.  

Dimensions: 9" X 12"

Little French knots help make the flower pop and are meant to create highlight to the piece.  I think the batik acts like water on the bottom of this piece - serendipitously.

Finally, not ready to release the beautiful linen from New Mexico, I made a small 6" X 6" piece.  The plan was to make 4 and arrange them in a grouping, but the show deadline called and perhaps the other 3 will appear down the road.

Dimensions: 6" X 6"

Rather than raw edge collage I pieced the fabric and machine stitched it in lines about 1/8th inch apart.  I added some hand stitching with some hand dyed cotton floss and then a few vintage buttons.  Again, I imaged it in a grouping of four.  I haven't put away the collection of fabrics yet, so maybe I will get to those before my next planned project.  

Thanks for visiting the blog.  I hope you enjoying reading about the meaning and process of these pieces.  They are currently on exhibit at the Skylands Gallery and available for purchase there during the month of October.  Feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to read what you think.  Have a wonderful day and happy stitching!