Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rust Never Sleeps

And the rust goes on.  I am intrigued by all the rusty things I see these days.  I decided to start saving the tops of canned food and to rust them.  It took a while but eventually I had some large, medium and small can tops.  I also had some hummus, tomato paste, black bean burgers and a variety of other meals.

So the process started with some scraps of hand dyed fabric as a base.  I then put the tops in a vinegar and bleach solution and the rust formed pretty quickly.  The cans had some protective coating (except the coffee can) and  so only the edges rusted leaving me with various sized circles of rust.

From there I stenciled, stamped, cut, arranged, rearranged, stitched, collaged and stitched.  I made one piece to start and then used the smaller scraps to make a 6X6 piece that I mounted on canvas.  Below are my photos.

9" X 21"

Here is a closer look.  You can see the rusted circles that were there first are cut up and rearranged and the stamped circled that were put on near the end are whole.  The rest is mixed media and ephemera from my stash.  

I made a smaller piece with the scraps that were less than 3" in size and mounted that on a canvas that I painted with 3 or 4 coats of various colored paint and then sealed with a UV protective sealer.  

6" X 6"

Paper, tea bag, bits of scraps and lace, buttons and a collected shell help keep this piece feeling vintage and simple.  I mounted it on a 2" thick 6 inch square canvas.  It gives it nice weight.  

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