Monday, May 25, 2015

Cut the Fence and Fly Away

Obsessed with my rusty wrought iron decorative metal, I have completed another quilt from rusted fabric.  This one really brings me back to my randomness.

Dimensions 12 " X 32"
This quilt started with a single piece of fabric that had been rusted on my decorative piece of metal.  I then cut it and arranged it on a  piece of white muslin that been covered with Mistyfuse.  I butted the edges together and simply zigzagged the edges.  Super easy.  

 I added some hand dyed brown bird silhouettes and fused them into place with some Mistyfuse.  Then I dug through my collection of vintage mother of pearl buttons and added some of those to keep the rusty, vintage theme going.  Plus, who doesn't love buttons?!

I love the texture and the bleed you get from the rust.  It's the same piece of metal but it makes something different each time I use it.  As you will see in the upcoming quilt pieces.  I have already started arranging my next piece.  I am so inspired by the rust that I am having a constant creative flow of ideas of what to do next.  Don't you just love when that happens?

One more quick peek at this piece and I am off to other things. The title of this quilt was inspired by my daughter.  She graduated college about a year ago and went off on an adventure.  Every time I talk to her I am so happy to hear about how much she loves her life and her new discoveries.  

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