Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Productivity vs. Play Time

It occurs to me that I haven't posted on this blog in a loooooong time.  I haven't been ignoring my art or laid up with any particular situation.  I have been producing.  A LOT!  I decided a couple years ago to stop buying stuff and use what I had.  I wiped the art balance to zero and only bought what I needed to complete a project.  I went a long time without buying anything because I had plenty of fabric, thread, paint and various other materials with which to make art with.  Since that New Year's Resolution I have kept a ledger with all my sales and purchases.  I sought out a good show/sale to take part in and I have been in the black everyday since that new year began.  I have been lucky - but I have also been paying attention.

I attend a reasonable number of art/craft fairs throughout the year.  I noticed a few things there that have been very helpful.  The majority of artists have many, many works at a relatively low price point.  But, if you look at the larger pieces, well, that's where  you get a glimpse of what the artist really loves to do.  It is usually more intricate, larger or more complex than the smaller works at lower price points.  But if you want to make some money as an emerging artists you have to build your money in small increments and draw in the attendees with some really intriguing pieces that makes them want to step into your space in the first place.  Well lit and well planned displays are key to making this happen.  I know that if a space is too unorganized or uninviting, I will probably stroll by and not stop in.

So, to the heart of the matter - it's nice to be blogging again about new work.  Because the show is over, the holidays are just about over (I usually sleep in the new year) and I can put aside the productivity that was my focus since summer and just PLAY!

I am using some Golden paints that I have left over from some marbling that I did a while back and I am just playing with acrylics, mediums, collage (which I love) and mixed media.  Here's what I have so far...

This piece is 8" X 8" on canvas.  I started with collaging some papers on a gessoed canvas and then painting over them.  I then added things like lace, collaged papers, stencils, pen, acrylic pen, and tissue paper printed with text.  I like the idea of adding text but I am not always a fan of using a quote that I have seen many times before.  So, I decided that these little pieces would have text in a more secretive way.  I add it to the edges so that the message is more intimate from the giver to the receiver.  

The text wraps around the edges and is a way of reminding the recipient of what the person who gave this to them intended.  

This text reads "I love you, not because you are perfect, but because you are perfect for me."  
And it wraps around to a third side.  It allows the non-informed viewer to just see the front but the beloved person to know the intention.  

My second piece was just painted on the canvas then collaged and over stamped and penned.  The gold circle is a piece of foil that was on top of a bottle of hard cider someone brought over to our house for a dinner gathering.  

This one also has a secret text message from the old Harry Chapin song "circle"

As I see you here again,
A thought runs through my mind,
Our love is like a circle,
Let's go 'round one more time.

I discovered these acrylic paint pens at a local art supply store and I like them for drawing and writing on my pieces.  They come in a lot of colors and widths - I plan to get some more next time I go there.

Well, with my art fund well in the black after my productive period and intense preparation, I am going to bring in the New Year and indoor time of the cold winter months in my studio just playing.  I plan to see you soon with some more playtime pieces and experiments.

Til then - HAPPY NEW YEAR! to you and yours.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my very long post.  Feel free to leave a comment.