Friday, February 7, 2014

Rock Cairns - Interrupted

So, I was all gung-ho about my rock cairns and then a shiny thing went by.  Dupionni silk to be exact, and some jeans, and some pretty fabrics and away I go.  Inspired by a little scrap of fabric that I was about throw away, I put together a purse.  And then another purse, and then another and then two more.  While I was at it, I used the same fabric combinations to make some journal covers.

Here is one of the purses that I have recently been focusing on.  I used a back pocket from a discarded pair of jeans.  I have some Dupionni silk, hand dyed fabrics, crossweave cottons, batiks and so on and so on.  As you can see in this picture.  I cut off a jeans inseam and added it to the purse strap for interest and added strength.  

This is the other side of the bag.  I hand dyed some crocheted doilies that I bought at yard sales and flea markets and cut them to add color, texture and interest to the reverse side of the bag.  The strap has two pieces.  One is long and had the jeans inseam and the other is hand dyed .  There is a couple of D rings to make the strap adjustable and to keep the loose strap end in check, I sewed a couple of belt loops together. It is sturdy because I quilted it using low loft cotton batting and good quilting thread.  

I like the way the colors pop through holes in the doily and the luster of the silk is a nice contrast to the denim fabric.  I free-motion stitched down the doily very closely so it wouldn't catch on stuff.  And finally, since the table was covered with all these fabrics, I made a journal cover with them.  

The journal is about 8 inches high and 5 or so inches across.  I think this photo might be upside down but, you get the idea.  Have these projects completed in 2 for 1 time due to consistent fabric selection is making the task more efficient - which is not often how I work.  But the productivity is keeping me motivated to go on.  Now, I am on the lookout for any jeans headed for the trash.  I've even used a pair of my less comfy ones - which takes them out of my closet and reduces my guilt for keeping them hanging around.  Here is a journal made from one of my other fabric collections.  

Love the silk on this one.  I hope this inspires you to cut up (or at least save) some of your own jeans.  Thanks for checking out the blog and  happy stitching.  Feel free to leave a comment.