Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rock Cairns - The Series Continues

Well, we hosted Thanksgiving, recovered from that, had a surprise surgery in the family, immediately followed by a scheduled surgery in the family, recovering from that, one ice storm, two snow events, hit a deer, mourned the passing of a faithful dryer and survived it all with only mild exhaustion.  In the midst of all of this confusion, I finished a piece that I had started well before Thanksgiving.  It was done 10 minutes at a time but, none the less - finished.  It is the third in my series of Rock Cairns.

Dimensions 8" x 8" x 2"
The back ground is ice dyed cotton using shades of rust, bronze and grey.  I then applied used teabags over the top with matte medium.  I made my own stencil of the om symbol, the sound of the universe, and used a Shiva paintstick that I outlines with a micron pen.  I used misty fuse to attach some gold foil wrappers from long gone fancy candy.  Then I collected some branches (before the ice and snow), painted them black and stitched them on using cotton floss.  The rocks are book pages that I gessoed, cut and stitched.  The piece was cut to 8X8 and the edges were sealed with metallic gold paint.

Rock cairns, beside being a fun think to make while hiking, are also used as a tool for meditation.  I imagine they represent some sort of balance which is always a goal in life.  They certainly are nice too admire and I think meditating with them could calm the mind.

Because the piece was made using an open back wooden box, I had a chance to carry my thoughts onto both sides.

The box was covered with book pages and gessoed over.  I added a little rock cairn to the back with a saying I found on the end of my teabag.  I wrote the quote on a piece of very thin white tissue paper and once I liked how it looked, I used matte medium to add it to the back.  The tissue is almost invisible, especially if you don't know it's there.  And I just love the sentiment - especially this time of year when sometimes feeling light is quite elusive.  

Here is one last view of the box from the side.

I think it's a nice piece for a sofa table or some place where people would see it from both sides.  I suppose it could also be hung on a wall with the secret message being a reminder to the person who hung it.  Either way, I am pretty happy with my third rock cairn and rejuvenated to start on my fourth one soon.  Hopefully before Christmas, but if time does not allow, I understand that it is all part of achieving balance.

Thanks for stopping by and if you are in the northeast - stay warm and be sure you have bread, milk and hot chocolate!