Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mind Shift

For the past several months I have been focused on completing small works and projects to sell at a local craft fair that is coming up next month.  Since I made a New Year's resolution (remember those - I am one of those 1%ers that keep their resolutions), to only spend what I make in sales and gifts on supplies this year, it followed suit that I should find a good venue in which to make that money.  I digress.  Anyway, the process has been good in the sense that I have completed a lot of projects and have a nice inventory that I will bring to the show.  However, I miss the randomness of my usual art endeavors.  So it is time for a mind shift.

I have recently worked in series that focus on utilizing one specific technique.  And that has served me well enough.  But now that I have a bunch of techniques in my artistic arsenal, I had a bit of a mind shift.  Instead of working with a technique, I stumbled (no pun intended) onto the theme of cairns.  You know, those cool piles of rocks that hikers make on their travels.  I love those things.  And so here is the first in my new series.

It is mounted on some hand dyed teal fabric and the rocks were hand dyed in a gradation that I tried this summer.   The sentiment came from, of all places, the little paper at the end of the string on a tea bag.  Interestingly, as I embraced the idea of cairns little sayings and more important quotes seemed to lend themselves to the topic.  And with some amazement, they also seems to just fall in my lap with no effort.  Makes you wonder.

Here is the close up of the tea bag sentiment.  I stamped it on some off white batiks that I had in the scrap pile.

And here is the rock pile.  These fabrics were thread painted a bit and then turned appliqued onto the background.  They were combinations of blue grey and bronze that I dyed over the summer to capture the color of Jersey Shore sand.

So, as I wander onto this journey, thank you for stopping by to see my first cairn.  Feel free to leave a comment.  Have a great day!