Monday, August 12, 2013

Second in a Series: Quilts from Marbled Fabric

The lazy days of summer have been pretty productive in the studio - well in the outside studio anyway. I take the opportunity during the warm weather to drag out my rather heavy folding table and settle myself under a shady maple tree in our backyard to play.  So, although I have been productive, I have been preparing materials for the colder days when I will head indoors to my indoor studio where my trusty machine and work table reside.  However, I did complete this quilt about a week ago - just before we left for a week at the shore.  So without further ado...

It measure 24 inches square and the entire center panel started out as white fabric.  The chartreuse was hand dyed and the marbled fabrics were hand dyed and then marbled at least once.  I like the double layered pieces because they have more depth but the single marbled piece also lends a bit of movement to the piece.

Here is a close up so you can see that I quilted it rather sparingly.  There was so much going on that I didn't feel that it needed more line or texture.  In fact, when you front load all the work it seems rather easy to finish the piece once you get it to the quilting stage.  I have made other pieces where the fabric was not surface designed and when I had to get to the quilted there was a greater investment of time required.  So either way, it's time well spent but it's just interesting to see where you spend it.

one final close up so you can see in the lower piece that the fabric was marbled with chartreuse and white, dried, rinsed, ironed and then re-marbled with black and color very close to the background.  The paints transparency allowed the first layer to be seen.

So thanks for stopping by.  I have a few other pieces in various stages of completion and will be posting them if we get any rain and I am forced to stay indoors.  Hope you have a great day and some sunshine to go out and play in.