Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Golden Oak Sheer Quilt

This quilt represents the last in my series of working with sheer fabrics.  The fabrics for the background came together on my studio table one day and ta-da an idea was formed.  It stayed pinned to my inspiration wall until I finished my pink sheer quilts and then waited patiently as I finished the school year with my 8th graders.  So without further ado - here it is...

The center panel is approximately 12" X 12" and the overall dimensions are about 20 1/2" X 20 1/2".  The center is a collage of batiks, crossweave, hand dyes and overdyes, commercial fabric, upholstery fabrics, sheer ribbon and finally an overlay of a golden brown sheer fabric.

The base fabrics are stitched onto the batting, followed by the collage pieces being stitched down in order from the furthest back to the closest layer.  Finally the sheer fabric and a piece of parchment paper with a hand drawn design is placed on top of the collage and stitched using free-motion quilting. I remove the paper and then cut away the sheer to reveal the leaf and acorn shapes.

Along with the leaf, I added a little acorn.  I also did a fair amount of hand stitching to add some interest and keep the eye moving to connect the colors.  The back piece that I mounted the center panel on is a beautiful brown silk that has a burlap like texture but a very nice soft hand and subtle luster.  I free motion quilted that as well.

Her is a close up of the hand stitching and sheer overlay.  I still love the color shift that is produced using this technique, but with the onset of summer I have tried a new surface technique.  So for now, I am setting aside the sheers and will be working with some fabrics that I have just recently produced.  Stay tuned to see where they take me.  Thanks for stopping by and for checking out the blog.  Have a great day!


  1. That is beautiful, I love the colours used. The design is so nice as well.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I love it. Mary Ann

  3. nice job, the appliques lay nice and flat no 'hairs' like the design