Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Color + Sheer Fabrics = Spring

As I continue playing with sheer fabrics and collaged backgrounds, I have made two more quilts that evoke a spring color and feel.  This quilt started with a yellow confetti batik I purchased at The City Quilter on a trip to NYC.  I decided to try complimentary colors to see how this might turn out.  So, purple and raspberry and shades of yellow were added.

I used batiks, hand dyed fabrics, silks and sheers to make the collage.  The daisies are made from a pink sheer, shiva paint sticks on a ghost stitching and white silk dupioni.  All of these were stitched with Sulky rayon threads.
 Here is a close up of the white daisy.  The center is a piece of ice dyed fabric and the leaves were from my stash of hand dyed pieces.
 The sheer flower was a cotton candy pink but over the yellow it turned a sort of watermelon color.

 While I had all the fabrics picked out, I decided to make a second quilt in the same color scheme.  Many of the fabrics are repeated but this one is a square and the sheer flower is more dominant in the design.
 Both pieces were mounted on Kaffe Fassett shot cotton named watermelon.  I ordered it over the Internet so I wasn't sure it would be a good combo but it turned out to be perfect for these pieces.  Below is a close up of the center panel of the quilt.  Thanks for checking out my work.  Feel free to leave a comment or question.


  1. Claude, Your sheer overlays are just beautiful! I have done some combinations of machine sewing with hand embroidery lately and really enjoy it. You make me eager to get up my nerve to try organza or other filmy fabrics.
    Martha Ginn

  2. Lovely colors, a peaceful and happy design!

  3. Thank you for an explanation of your process. I love your work. Can you explain how you mounted the work on the shot cotton? Thanks. Sally