Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Quilting with Sheers

With one sheer quilt under my belt, I decided that I needed to experiment some more with this process.  This time I had a bit more of the focus fabric on hand and decided to make two quilts using similar fabrics at an attempt to make this a series. 

Dimensions 16" X 20"

This is the original quilt design collage.  I used batiks, hand dyed flannel, silk, shot cotton, upholstery fabric and sheer fabric pieces.  Keeping the background somewhat abstract and geometric makes it easier to create an organic shape as a sheer overlay.  The entire collaged piece is then mounted onto a piece of hand dyed fabric that I made to coordinate with it.  I tried laying the quilt on several colors of solid colored scrapbook paper that I had and decided that orange was a good compliment to the piece.  Not having any orange fabric, I ripped off a piece from a bolt of print cloth that I ordered in bulk and dyed it using soft orange and rust MX dyes.  I wasn't sure it would turn out the color I wanted but this is what I got and I really liked it.  I used a facing finish on both the collaged piece and the orange background mounting piece.

Here is a closer look at the quilt.  You can see the French knots and hand stitching that I added using DMC cotton floss.  It also shows the color shift that is produced by the sheer overlay. 

Here is the second quilt in the "series".  It is a bit smaller but uses a lot of the same fabrics and organic theme.  This time however, I quilted the background fabric closely and in straight lines.  It definitely gives the piece a more structured look than the wavy lines of the first piece.  I have been reading about the whole modern quilt movement and thought I would try my hand at some straight line quilting.  I definitely has a different aesthetic than my usual less structured style, but I think it works in this piece. 

Here is a close up of the second quilt so you can see the hand stitchcing and color shitft again.  I think the background straight lines are a good contrast to the very organic sheer piece and base fabrics from the collage. 

One last shot of the bottom.  I already have a focus fabric picked out for my next piece.  Right after I complete a few magazine submissions I will be tackling another sheer quilt.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon. 


  1. It's exquisite! I so love your style!

  2. Oh yeah, you really made your statement with this one. I love it.

  3. Claude, your use of organza as an overlay is very interesting and exciting. Nice work!
    Martha Ginn

  4. I love the way the print shows through the organza. So beautiful.