Friday, March 22, 2013

Sheers and Quilting

Inspired by some of Deborah Boschert's work, I decided to once again use up a supply that I already had.  So, I designed a quilt that used a bunch of fabric scraps and some larger pieces and used some of those sheers purchased long ago for . . . . I forgot what.

The quilt started out when I selected the piece of batik fabric that runs across the lower center of the quilt.  The shades of purple, turquoise and chartreuse and the grid pattern appealed to me and so I used that as a jumping off point.  I then went through my drawers, boxes and bins of fabric and pulled out a lot of different choices - many of which did make it into the finished piece.

I laid the fabric on the batting and arranged it over and over again until I liked the composition.  Then I stitched it all down with a neutral blue grey thread.  Nothing was fused but everything was raw edge applique. 

Then I drew a bunch of different shapes on some parchment paper and laid it over the quilt.  The parchment paper was already in my studio and transparent enough to get the feel of how each shape would look laid out on the fabric composition.  I put the sheer fabric over the quilt, laid the final parchment paper design choice on top and quilted through the paper and quilt at the same time.  Easy, no tracing or extensive transfer method required.  And parchment paper tears away pretty easily.  By the way the parchement paper with the unused designs did not go to waste since I used it to paint on and fuse other things together.

Once the design was quilted in the sheer fabric, I cut away the rest of the sheer fabric - very carefully with small scissors.  I then did some hand stitching to pull it together and give it some unifying elements.  I used DMC cotton floss - have loads of that in the studio too.  I love the way the colors shift by placing a sheer over the top of them.  It's subtle and I like that effect in quilts.

The center panel was quilted and I finished the edge with a satin stitch in the same neutral steely blue thread. Then I decided it needed something else.  So I made a panel that I quilted with a free motion pattern and facing finished to make a sort of frame.  I then attached the center panel using the steely blue thread and a hem stitch to the purple panel.  It gives the piece some sturdiness and it was the first time I ever thought to attach a piece in this manner.  I had attached back panels before, but by hand.  Since I had already satin stitched this piece I decided to just use my machine to attach it. 

I have already picked another inspiration fabric to make my next quilt using sheers.  Stay tuned as I arrange and rearrange the elements of the next one.  Thanks for stopping by the blog and hope to see you again soon.


  1. Claude, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love how well you meld different fabrics, textures and techniques.

  2. Beautiful! I love the use of sheers.