Monday, March 4, 2013

Mixed Media Mosaics

With the cleaning of my studio and my new parameters of working on only 4 things at one time, I made these little projects one of the four things I have going at any given point.  So, when something is baking or drying or I am stumped I always have something else to turn my attention but, my attention doesn't spread so wide as to lose focus.

I have it in a large format here but it is really 8" X 8' total in size.  The board was birch board leftover from a project that got started and never finished.  (I have 8 more to go and these little mosaics will surely fill all of the other 8.)  I used polymer clay, my fairly large collection of rubber stamps and Pearl Ex powders to get these little tiles together.  The centers are mostly made from molds that I made using the polymer clay and some vintage buttons.  I also have a rather large collection of beads of all kinds bought and partially used in other projects, but you know how those leftovers pile up and well, there's always that string of really pretty ones on clearance, yadda, yadda, yadda.  This board was just painted black and then I finished the edge with a dry brush and some metallic gold acrylic paint.  I think it was a good first attempt.

I call this one the House of the Rising Sun.  The board has old dictionary pages adhered with matte medium and overpainted with acrylics, metallic wash, gold dry brush and acrylic sealer.  The Sun is an old button with the shank cut off.  I think the rest is pretty self explanatory.  Again, this is 8" X 8" in size.

My third mosaic so far was born from a collection of similarly themed rubber stamps.  I liked the way they looked together and decided to go for a spring look.  Jewel tones, flowers and ferns and a dragonfly help me hang on to the thought of spring as I watch the dull grey landscape waiting for some warm weather.  The background board was painted with two colors of blue and purple, washed with metallic purple in several layers and then I used a stencil and a toothbrush with some metallic paint to "spring" it up a bit.  I also sealed it with acrylic sealer.  It's nice to use some of my stash and I have a bunch of ideas for the other 6 boards.  Stay tuned for what comes next and thanks for visiting.

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