Saturday, February 9, 2013

Earth Arcs Sister quilt

My last post focused on a quilt I made using earth tones.  But, when I cut the arcs I used 7" squares and I had made random thickness arcs from 90 different fabrics that had each been backed with Mistyfuse.  In order to make the circle quilt I used 4 arcs from each of the 90 fabrics.  This left me with a lot of prefused arcs left over.  I looked at the pile and decided it would be a waste to just throw them in my prefused fabric bin, so I made a bunch more fused quarter circles.  Now I am not sure what came over me because I am generally pretty obsessed with circles in my abstract work but, I tired of them - gasp!  And so when I began laying out the squares of quarter circles, this quilt took form.

30 1/2 " X 30 1/2"

I rearranged the arcs until I was happy with them and pieced the blocks together.  The quilted was all free motion and I used a neutral earth tone on the arcs and black on the black background sections.  It is pretty closely quilted which adds texture when you see the quilt in person.

I used a facing finish and I again hand dyed a piece of fabric for the backing since I didn't have anything appropriate on hand that was big enough.  I have discovered that having a roll of print cloth on hand for these types of projects can come in handy.  Anyway, there she is, the sister to Earth Circles.    I am already starting on a new piece that is much smaller.  Stay tuned and thanks for checking out the blog.  Happy shoveling - from here in the blustery northeast!


  1. This is gorgeous! And so are your silk vases! I so admire your work! - Andra

  2. It's so beautiful! I love the repetition, yet each is block is different. (I also hand-dye commercial prints for backings.)