Saturday, August 4, 2012

Studio Time and Quilting

I am sure that I am like most of you out there - full time job, house, spouse, other responsibilities.  The kids are grown so I can check that off of my to do list (most of the time).  With all the other things that usurp my time, I thought of a little saying that I liked so much I wanted to hang it in my studio.

Dimensions: 11" X 45"

I feel that this comes close to explaining to others how I feel about the time I get to spend making art of any kind.  When I showed it to my husband he asked me if I meant that making art improves the quality of my life so I will live longer, or making art leaves something behind after my life that lives on for others.  My reply was simple  - YES!

The process was rather simple.  I wrote out the saying, chose some general dimensions - I wanted it to fit above the window in my studio and drew it out on copy paper that I taped together.  I fused and cut and picked out fabric from my stash and used black as the background to keep it from causing seizures upon viewing.  The saying is meant to be whimsical and so the format of the quilt also became whimsical - I am not one to take art too seriously as to toil and sweat over it.  I have a full time job for that.

I used batiks and hand-dyed fabrics for all of the letters and blocks.

The letters were stitched free motion and the background has a loop-de-loop pattern that was also free motion quilted.  I added some colorful buttons from my collection and voila.  It is now hanging in my studio.

I recommend that if you have a favorite saying that you post it somewhere where it can make you smile often.  It also inspires me to spend more time in my studio.  Thanks for checking out the blog and feel free to post any comments.

I just love those fabrics from Ricky Tims that I found at a quilt show vendor area.  I used it for my letters that spell studio.  So, oops, I guess I also used commercial print in my piece.


  1. Claude, what a happy and clever addition to your studio. And how true the words are. Studio time definitely enriches us; it also enriches all who enjoy what we create there, too!
    Martha Ginn

  2. Claude what a happy piece. It would enliven any room.

  3. I love having inspiring and encouraging quotes in my studio. What a great way to preserve one of your favorites!

  4. I like your choice of fabrics, lettering styles, stitching AND the sentiment. Another winner!

  5. That made me smile out loud.

    Barb R

  6. OK, this is somewhat vain - is 'Spent' one of my snow-dyes? I really like how you cut the letters out of a contiguous section of fabric, so the patterning I can see in my mind's eye remains. - Lisa

  7. What a wonderful sentiment! And you've turned it into a fabulous piece of art. I LOVE it!!