Friday, March 16, 2012

Easy Easter Eggs

This sounds like a recipe will follow, but it is just a quick little idea for fabric and thread that you can make for Easter.  It can hold a piece of chocolate, gift card or any other little gift you want to give for Easter.  It has a handle so it's Easter basket-like without having to fill an entire basket.

I started by just strip piecing various width strips of coordinating fabrics.  Then I fused it down onto some Timtex.

I added some rickrack, buttons and ribbons to the strips.
I made a pattern of an egg and traced it onto the fabric and cut it out.  I then satin stitched the edge with a coordinating rayon thread.

I put the egg onto some craft felt and stitched around most of the egg.  I left the top open so you can put in a little something.  Then I trimmed it with a decorative blade - or you could use pinking shears.
Finally, I used some 19 gauge black craft wire and spiraled the ends on a paintbrush handle, bent it into a curve and stitched it on to make a handle.  Voila!  Quick, easy and fun for Easter.  

And I had some scraps left over between the eggs so I cut them to ATC size so I have several bases for trading cards in the future.

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  1. Claude, I love your Easter Eggs and think I will make some for my grandbabies. Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks for mentioning the black wire. I almost missed it. Maggie Winfield