Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love Themed Accordian Book

I have been wanting to make an accordian style book for quite some time now and finally got around to it.  I started with a simple idea so that I could get it together and it of course got more complex as I went along.  First I used Mistyfuse to adhere old book pages and sheet music to some Timtex.  Then I used pastel acrylic paint, in no particular pattern to over paint it.  To age the pages, I used matte medium to adhere tea bags over the top of all of this and that was my book base.

The hearts were just made from a pattern I made, much like the hearts we all cut out in grade school.  I used hand-dyed cottons, haboti and dupioni silks and some embellishments to put them all together.
I used DMC floss to add hand stitching and batik for the background that was leftover from my previous project and these just evolved from there.
This heard has a row of twisted bugle beads and seed beads along with the hand stitching.
You can see the large jump rings that I made with silver wire here to attached the book pages.  I just wound it around a thick pencil and cut jump rings from there.
Some French knots and continuation of the quote.
Gold seed beads and zig zag stitching around the edges helped finish them all off.  I also painted the edges with metallic gold paint.
It is stiff enough to stand up by itself on a table top.
And for those of you who also want to see the back...
I used the leftover papers that I made for the wedding card album that I sent to our son and daughter-in-law.

Voila!  C'est l'amour.

Thanks for checking out my latest project.  This was fun to do, gave me something to stitch while Jeopardy was on and bit by bit finally let me cross one project off my list.  I will definitely make more projects like this little mixed media one.

I also made an extra panel just in case of tragedy and since it was leftover, I made it into a little hanging wall piece.  Each square was 5 X 5 inches when completed.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Easy Easter Eggs

This sounds like a recipe will follow, but it is just a quick little idea for fabric and thread that you can make for Easter.  It can hold a piece of chocolate, gift card or any other little gift you want to give for Easter.  It has a handle so it's Easter basket-like without having to fill an entire basket.

I started by just strip piecing various width strips of coordinating fabrics.  Then I fused it down onto some Timtex.

I added some rickrack, buttons and ribbons to the strips.
I made a pattern of an egg and traced it onto the fabric and cut it out.  I then satin stitched the edge with a coordinating rayon thread.

I put the egg onto some craft felt and stitched around most of the egg.  I left the top open so you can put in a little something.  Then I trimmed it with a decorative blade - or you could use pinking shears.
Finally, I used some 19 gauge black craft wire and spiraled the ends on a paintbrush handle, bent it into a curve and stitched it on to make a handle.  Voila!  Quick, easy and fun for Easter.  

And I had some scraps left over between the eggs so I cut them to ATC size so I have several bases for trading cards in the future.