Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mixed Media Wedding Album

Well, there is nothing more exciting and joyful than a wedding in the family.  On December 23rd our son married a long time sweetheart and it was an absolutely perfect day.  A few days after the wedding he had to return to his Marine base in California and they were off.  But, in the wee hours of the morning on our drive to the airport, they handed me a bag of all of their wedding cards and said that I could do whatever I wanted with them.  Some people understand art and telling me I could do whatever I wanted with the cards was just the inspiration I needed. 

After a week of looking at the bag, ideas began to come and go.  I finally settled on a somewhat practical and artful way to make the cards a keepsake for them.  Employing some scrapbook skills and art quilt techniques I began my project.  Below are the pictures of the finished piece which I am happy to say will be mailed out today and hopefully arrive for Valentine's Day in California.
I purchased a Creative Memories 12 X 12 album because my book binding skills are relatively non-existent.  I made this cover for it using the usual journal cover method of wrapping a blank book.

This section uses off white tone on tone fabric, pink haboti silk that was free motion quilted and over painted, hand painted paper cut into tags and edged with a gold leafing pen, mother of pearl charms, floss and hand dyed silk ribbon.

Here I used the same tone on tone fabric and seed stitched it.  The heart is haboti silk that I added gold beads to and buttonhole stitched down. 

This photograph shows a piece of pink silk that I embossed with gold embossing powder.  Then I stamped a butterfly on tracing paper and stitched dupioni silk onto the pink silk.  I cut away the extra off white silk and added gold paint spots.  I painted the edges of the piece to stop any fraying and then stitched it down with floss.  You can also see the fabric bead and embellished sections of the piece next to it.  I added some mother of pearl circle beads to represent wedding rings and tied them on with gold hand dyed ribbon.

From my stash I added everything from paint, lace, trims, buttons, beads and ribbon to the small sections.  I used free motion embroidery and hand stitching and attached little gold charms as details.

Inside the book, I cut up all the cards and kept the most interesting parts and of course the sentiments and text from all of the friends and family who gave the cards.  I adhered them all to pages that I hand painted using techniques that I learned from Pam Carriker's video from Cloth Paper Scissors about art journaling.  They added a cohesive touch to the project and I used scraps of the paper to make the tags on the front cover.
It's essentially a scrapbook of their wedding cards but, I like to think it is more interesting to look at because of the efforts that I made.  Hopefully they will feel the same way and keep this among their mementos from the wedding day.