Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fabric and Paint - Little Experiments

As a science teacher, I just love a good experiment.  And the two quilts in this post are just that.  I wanted to use mixed media but, wanted to keep it contained - rather than spend my time searching my brain and studio for more and more embellishments or surface design materials.  So, I made a couple of abstract quilts that are a fabric base with acrylic and Pebeo setacolor paints.  I also used some stamps that I made using some recycled foam core board from a former student's left behind project and some sticky backed fun foam sheets.  Any comments on my experiment are welcomed.

This piece uses some hand dyed fabrics that I made over the summer and some old book pages and left over fabric bits from my mermaid project.

The focal point is painted over the old book pages and then over painted and scrubbed with a blend of acrylics.

This is a close up of the many small pieces of fabric that I fused down to make the turquoise section.  They were all left over from when I made my mermaid and I just couldn't throw them away.

This second painted quilt uses mostly my own hand dyed fabrics, along with red and yellow batiks and old book pages.  I used gesso on the book pages and for the white stamp.  
I added touches of red to keep the eye moving around the quilt.  

The Pebeo setacolor transparent paint gives a real depth to the color of the hand dyes.  I ripped the fabric so create some texture.

The leaves are a real focal point because their color is across the wheel from the blues and greens.  I kept the stitching simple and again, overpainted with transparent setacolor paints.  

Thanks for checking out my experiment.  I'm off to my studio for another project - back to brain and studio searching for embellishments.


  1. I particularly like what you have done with the first piece; the painting is totally integrated with the design background you have pieced and f used. The color scheme is inviting to my eye and the flow of eye through the piece resting here and there for a while but then moving on makes this piece sing for me. The repeat of line in the mostly white area from what you have in black on the white and pale gold in the adjacent area is a subtle but very nice touch; with most of the design having a grid formation these two places give motion to the overall piece. Very nice, indeed.

  2. Really, really like! Beautiful work, Claude.

  3. Working on labor intensive pieces for shows has left me wanting to do something with more freedom. I have been doing some similar experiments with paint, just for fun. Hope mine will turn out as good as yours.

  4. These are beautiful works - you are inspiring me to get into the studio and play.... (after next week's teaching gig...must focus!)

    Great compositions!

  5. Claude, the experimnents work. And work well!!
    Thank you for letting us know on QA.
    Barbara Douglas

  6. I especially like the first one, fabulous texture and interplay of color and line.