Monday, September 5, 2011

Mixed Media Mermaid

As promised, now that the county fair is over I am posting pictures of my mixed media mermaid, Marina Pearl.  She was made from a mannequin that was headed for a dumpster, fabric, matte medium, metallic paint, Shiva paintsticks, punchinella stencils, fibers, beads, a silver starfish and repurposed lightning rod wire that I got from a friend.   I'm sure I left off a few materials but,  you get the idea.

 To photograph her I tied a rope at the top and hung her from the basketball hoop in the driveway.  

The top was just plain wood so I covered it with modeling paste and several different layers of paint until it blended with the body.
Her necklace was a variety of fibers from an Oliver Twist pack and pearl beads and shells.  I love the silver starfish focal bead.
From the back she has the classic mermaid V-back that goes into her flowing skirt.
Here is a close up of her body.  The fabric was ripped into squares on the top and cut with a scallop blade rotary cutter on the bottom.  It was all attached with matte medium, overwashed with metallic aquamarine paint, stenciled with pearl white and purple metallic paints and given a protective coating.  It really gives her a nice texture.
Her skirt is a collection of fabrics from the sale table (post Prom season) at Joann's.  I stenciled and painted some the fabrics but some were used as is.  They were ripped into strips and attached to her skirt.

Surrounding her is a wave made of lightning rod wire.  It is essentially steel wire that is copper coated.  So, it behaves like steel and has the patina of oxidized copper, a winning combination.

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