Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stick and Stones

This piece was inspired by a piece of fabric that I picked up at a Quilter's Estate Sale at a local quilt shop.  It is some type of silk, the exact name I cannot recall.  I added some grey batik cottons and created this very organic piece.  I like it because it is very quiet and incorporates nature.

Dimensions 9 3/4 " X 21"
I used every bit of a fat quarter for the back fabric.

I like the variety of textures in the batiks and added hand stitches to add texture to the brown silk.

In keeping with the nature theme, I had this piece of drift wood that I picked up years ago.

Here is a closer view of the stones and hand stitching.  The stones are mounted and stitch on pieces of painted and heated Tyvek repurposed from the mail.

I wanted to be sure the backing wouldn't pucker or warp so I free-motion quilted it evenly with a pebble stick pattern.

I am off to use more of the silk in another triple layer piece.  Stay tuned for another nature theme.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Small Projects in the Midst of Larger Ones

After I complete a large and complicated project, I like to do a couple of quick little things to help me get my creativity geared up for another big idea.  Recently, I made a mixed media piece that is hanging at our State Fair right now.  It took a long time and a lot of pondering, but I love how it turned out.  Here is a very far away shot of it that doesn't really do it justice, but can give you an idea of how Marina Pearl the Sea Nymph looks.  Detail shots will follow after the fair.

Marina Pearl was made from a generously gifted mannequin, fabric, paint, beads and repurposed wire from a friend who retired from the power company and saved this from a dumpster.  The swirls of wire are intended to make her look like she is in a wave.

So that was the long project, here are two short ones.  First, I had a small piece, 8 1/2" by 8 1/2" that was okay but needed a little something.  So I got a 12 X 12 canvas and mounted it.  It took 4 different paints to get the color and effect that I wanted but, I like how it turned out.  I think the canvas definitely adds to the original needle felted piece.

 I used two shades of purple, blue gray and a wash of metallic violet gold to get this final color.

Finally, a small fun piece that I made using the edges of cut silk that I purchases as a long sewn together ribbon at a quilt show.  I ironed the silks, fused them to timtex and cut them out to make a square vase.  The vase is lined with vertical strips of silk and I put a glass with glass blob in the bottom so I can add water and flowers to it.  Easy, quick and just what I needed to get myself geared up for the project I am now working on.

4" X 9"

The lined inside makes is pretty from all angles.

Thanks for visiting.  Hope you are having an artful summer.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sea Shells from the Seashore

Walking on the beach is one of my favorite things.  Along the way I am always on the lookout for seashells and other treasures from the sea.  One day last month, I collected a bunch of shells and stones and decided to make them my inspiration for a short series of small art quilt collages that I mounted on canvas.  Here they are, hope you like them, but more importantly, I hope you get to walk on the beach soon.

I started with a 5" X 5" canvas so I could try out different paint colors.  This is a layering of about 6 paints and washes.  

5" X 7"
I am not an "orange" person per se, so I decided to also try the background in shades of blue.  I used 4 different shades and washes on this and a blue metallic wash on top so it is a bit iridescent.  Nice, but I liked the orange better, so I carried on to the third and final piece.
12" X 12"
This final piece incorporates the white stones, soft orange shells, buttons, beads, silk, batik, tyvek, lace and on and on.  It is a busy piece, but the colors are soft and the iridescent frame with along with the soft shine of the shells makes a nice finished piece.  

Detail of the 12" X 12"collage.

One more look at the various mixed media.

Surf's Up!  Gotta go shell hunting :)