Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hand-Dyed Beginnings

Okay, with this warm summer weather there has been plenty of opportunity to dye fabrics outdoors.  And so I have now created quite a selection to choose from.  In fact, so many that I just had to pick a couple colors and make something small just so I could get my hands on these awesome hand-dyes.  So, I put together this journal cover just for fun.

This journal is approximately 6" X 9" and made with several of the fabrics I recently hand-dyed.  The top and bottom are PFD Kona cotton with chartreuse and China red, each with a smidge of black added.  The center fabric is a commercial cotton that I was given and was not sure what to do with.  Adding chartreuse really made it an interesting color and it looked great with the other two.  Finally the ripped strip is pure chartreuse with some red acrylic paint applied with a wooden print block.  The buttons were from the stash.
Here's a look at the back.

These are fun to make and functional too.  I think I will try a few more as I try different combinations of my new hand-dyed cottons.  Thanks for looking.

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  1. Ah, yes, the pieces, the pieces. Love the name of your blog as well as your textile work/play. Your experimenting with the sewing machine is interesting as well. Thanks for sharing--I've been to an art show today without having to leave the AC, which I'm hugging to beat the heat!
    best, nadia