Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Creative Mojo Co-Host

Just recently I learned about Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo Internet Radio Show.  I happened to catch the episode where they discussed how to market yourself.  Now, I don't think I am in a place where I am going to quit my paying job and try to make an artistic go of it, but I thought the conversation would help me in my recent quest to build a tribe.  You know, stop living a hermit-like existence in my own studio and poke my head out to meet others who are art quilters.  I had some good fortune over the winter and met four other women with whom I share a fabric addiction and have had a couple trips out with them.  But, sometimes I feel like my friends, as fond of them as I am, are not searching for that artistic spark or creative journey with the same zeal that I am experiencing.  Essentially I am looking for a tribe of people who love to immerse themselves in creative endeavors and who I can share my journey with.

So anyway, the radio show said you should contact magazines and galleries and introduce yourself - Mark even mentioned his show as a contact point.  Needing no further prodding, I sent him an e-mail and he offered to have me co-host a show with him.  I am quite excited, having been on radio and TV and Internet and other public venues in my professional life, I figured this could be an absolute blast to just sit around talking with artists and professionals in the creative world.  Mark seems like a real hoot, so Why Not?  

That said, here is my self-serving plug for the Creative Mojo Show that is broadcast on Wednesdays from 3 to 5 PM eastern standard time.  I hope you'll tune in - and I really hope you'll tune in on June 22nd.  I mean come on, doesn't having your own tribe sound like it would be fun?

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  1. You'll be great! Look out Mark! lol
    I won't be around on the 22nd so I'll have to search the archives when I get back. Have fun with it!