Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Creative Mojo Co-Host

Just recently I learned about Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo Internet Radio Show.  I happened to catch the episode where they discussed how to market yourself.  Now, I don't think I am in a place where I am going to quit my paying job and try to make an artistic go of it, but I thought the conversation would help me in my recent quest to build a tribe.  You know, stop living a hermit-like existence in my own studio and poke my head out to meet others who are art quilters.  I had some good fortune over the winter and met four other women with whom I share a fabric addiction and have had a couple trips out with them.  But, sometimes I feel like my friends, as fond of them as I am, are not searching for that artistic spark or creative journey with the same zeal that I am experiencing.  Essentially I am looking for a tribe of people who love to immerse themselves in creative endeavors and who I can share my journey with.

So anyway, the radio show said you should contact magazines and galleries and introduce yourself - Mark even mentioned his show as a contact point.  Needing no further prodding, I sent him an e-mail and he offered to have me co-host a show with him.  I am quite excited, having been on radio and TV and Internet and other public venues in my professional life, I figured this could be an absolute blast to just sit around talking with artists and professionals in the creative world.  Mark seems like a real hoot, so Why Not?  

That said, here is my self-serving plug for the Creative Mojo Show that is broadcast on Wednesdays from 3 to 5 PM eastern standard time.  I hope you'll tune in - and I really hope you'll tune in on June 22nd.  I mean come on, doesn't having your own tribe sound like it would be fun?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Black Bag

Well, April was completely jam packed with stuff to do and places to go, none of which was art related so it seemed like an extremely long month.  May has been hectic but has included some art excursions so that is an improvement.  Last weekend my husband and I went into New York City to see a show - Million Dollar Quartet - which was a very fun show.  It was a Friday night show so we had a couple hours to kill and he asked me if I wanted to go to MOOD.  I was a bit surprised at the offer since his interest in a fabric store generally does not move the needle on his excite-o-meter off the zero mark.  I had often said I wanted to go and had never taken the time, so I jumped at the opportunity.  We found the place and headed into the famed Project Runway haunt.  Three floors of fabrics, Swatch the dog and a collection of helpful and well informed staff.  It was definitely fun to walk around and check out all the cool fabrics of every type, but having not expected the stop I had no list, mental or otherwise, prepared.  I eventually found myself selecting some habati silks that I can't find anywhere else that I shop and left there with MY LITTLE BLACK BAG.  Now that I know how conveniently located it is, I'm sure it won't be my last visit and next time I'll be prepared and ready for what is truly an overwhelming experience.

Aas little black bags go - this is a keeper!

Need a button?

There are three floors that look like this - You essentially need a GPS system or a trail of breadcrumbs.