Sunday, April 17, 2011

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Changing gears from teabags to something new, I decided to work on a project that I had drawn in a sketch book about a year ago.  In between work and a week-long vacation in Arizona, I completed this project using snow-dyed fabric that I purchased at the New Jersey Quiltfest in March.  It's name came from a friend of mine who immediately said it reminds her of a storm of dark and threatening clouds.

Along with the snow-dyed fabric, I added scraps of red dupioni silk and black batik fabric.  Some vintage mother-of pearl buttons and cotton floss help hold it together.  I had to make two hanging sleeves so that it can be hung without anything showing from the back.  All in all I enjoyed completing my long lingering idea because I have never made a quilt that was several pieces that were connected in this way.  Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.

Dimensions approximately 19" X 18"

Black batik and vintage mother-of-pearl button connectors.

The free-motion quilting follows the lines within the hues of dye and the red dupioni adds a nice highlight color.


  1. I tried this one time. But never came up with a really good way to display it. Yours seems to be working for you. Great idea. Love the fabric.

  2. You have demonstrated a lot of creativity on this piece. Using the three sections with the open areas really creates a lot of interest. The snow dyes are lovely!

  3. This is fab! I have only ever done one that was in pieces and held together with tabs. But, you are right, two sleeves are necessary.
    Great job and thank you for the invitation to view.

  4. Another great quilt! The snow dyed fabric does suggest clouds and I like the way you've treated the whole piece.

  5. I personally find the colours of tabs buttons and little squares very harsh by comparison to the delicately patterned fabric. But more important, as a viewer I wonder what they could mean or whether this is really just a technical sample in which you have successfully resolved various contruction possibilities. Hand dyed fabric of itself is only a raw material - you could use it as the base for printing, applique, piecing, fabric manipulation and deconstruction, hand or machine stitch - whatever message you want your work to give to the viewer.