Friday, March 4, 2011

Would you like a spot of tea?

Dimensions 8 1/2 " X 8 1/2"
This collection of teabags was just calling out for a cup of tea.  Armed with matte medium and some more snow-dyed fabric I tried my hand at a third quilt with teabags as a surface design element.  I love using text and really good quotes to add to the images and I am having a lot of fun just picking out little embellishments from all over the place.  This quilt uses teabag tags, beads, sequins, a key, a piece of copper that I heated, bent and hammered, a candy wrapper, old book page and some Shiva paintsticks stenciled through punchinella.  I already know who will be receiving this one as a gift.

I just love the caption on the teabag label.

Some vintage mother-of-pearl buttons add to the aged look of the piece.

I have two more teabag surface design quilts on the work table.  Stay tuned for where I take them.  

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