Monday, March 14, 2011

Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice Donation Quilt

As a member of our local Arts and Heritage Council, we were asked to donate artwork for an auction to benefit the Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice Center.  The center has a butterfly as a symbol and they asked that the artwork have a butterfly in it.  I looked over my first butterfly teabag quilt, which I had ironically finished about 3 days before I got the e-mail about donations, but the quote was not appropriate.  So, I launched into another project and here it is.  It will be auctioned off on March 30th.

Dimensions 9 1/2 " X 19"

As with my other quilts using tea bags, I used some snow-dyed fabric, tea bags, vintage prints and rubber stamped images done with Staz On on tea bags, foil, painted Tyvek, seed beads, vintage lace and buttons.  I also added some hammered copper wire that I had heated and some floral sequins.  Loving the dupioni with the vintage feel of the teabags, I couldn't resist this green with pink combination weave.

I feel that this quote is more appropriate for the occasion.

Here's a good look at the heated Tyvek and hammered copper wire.

I have a collection of sequins in various floral shapes.  Sometimes they add just the little bit of sparkle that a project needs.  I wish the center good luck in its mission and I am happy to contribute to its continued success.


  1. Wish I could read the quote. I find your work interesting and thoughtful. I will be following your posts.

  2. I love your work! I love how you take all the separate pieces and make it work as a whole. This is collage at it's best! I just wonder: how do you run tea bags through the printer?

  3. Another awesome quilt. The various media used blends to the theme without being overwhelming.