Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sea life and Teabags

Well, socked with an 8 inch snow storm has its advantages.  I managed to finish this sea life themed piece that uses teabags as a surface design element.  The base is a hand-dyed batik with an overlay of teabags.  I addes some beads, shells, vintage lace for the starfish, papers, foils and mother-of-pearl buttons.  The king of the sea has a crown and some very wise quotes to share with us.  I had just enough of this batik to make a binding.  It remind me of the scales on fish - but in a good way.

Dimensions 11" X 15 1/2"

Vintage lace extras just seemed to make some interesting starfish.

Some transparent paint and old book pages add a little texture.  I think my seahorse looks very regal with his crown.

A reminder that we all need a day at the beach every now and again.

After all, doesn't everyone feel better after a long walk along the shore.

I used Mistyfuse to get these papers and foils on.  The beads are from a couple years ago at the NYC Bead Show.

With spring not too far away, I think I am dreaming of warmer weather and the little day trips that come with it.  I consider this my lucky number 7 quilt in the teabag series.  I feel like I have run the course with this design element for now and plan to work on some different pieces - sans teabags.  Stay tuned for whatever happens to cross my mind next.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wanna Trade?

With another teabag quilt in the process of being made, I needed a change of pace.  Something small that I could just mess around with while I was also working on a larger project.  I sorted through my bin of fabric scraps with fusible on the back and decided to make a bunch of ATC starters with scraps and an iron.  I considered it a first layer that I could use each day when I needed a break from the larger project.  Then I rediscovered a pile of 5X7 mat boards of various colors that I bought a yard sale for a dollar and decided to mat some of the ATCs so they can fit in a standard frame.  I painted and stenciled and worked the mats until they were unrecognizable from their original form and then mounted some ATCs.  All of this is for an upcoming Art Studio Tour that I am taking organizing with a friend for the June.  They say you should have pieces of all sizes and price range, so these will be in the mix with some of the more detailed quilts.

Thanks for taking a look and if you are interested in trading a small unmatted ATC for one of mine - drop me an e-mail.

Mat size 5 X 7

Stencilled, stitched and beaded.

This ATC has been around a while so it needed a little highlighting.

I hammered the copper over a piece of denim to give it some texture.

Available for trading!

Available for trading!

Available for trading!

I am pretty happy about this little print.  I made this doodle about a year ago and kept it in a folder.  I added my name, (C) and 2011 to make it my logo for the back of all my works this year.  I had it turned into a Thermofax screen so I could use it as a label.  I figure next year I'll just make another doodle and make it my label for next year's work.  That way, when I am famous, they can tell when a piece was made. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice Donation Quilt

As a member of our local Arts and Heritage Council, we were asked to donate artwork for an auction to benefit the Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice Center.  The center has a butterfly as a symbol and they asked that the artwork have a butterfly in it.  I looked over my first butterfly teabag quilt, which I had ironically finished about 3 days before I got the e-mail about donations, but the quote was not appropriate.  So, I launched into another project and here it is.  It will be auctioned off on March 30th.

Dimensions 9 1/2 " X 19"

As with my other quilts using tea bags, I used some snow-dyed fabric, tea bags, vintage prints and rubber stamped images done with Staz On on tea bags, foil, painted Tyvek, seed beads, vintage lace and buttons.  I also added some hammered copper wire that I had heated and some floral sequins.  Loving the dupioni with the vintage feel of the teabags, I couldn't resist this green with pink combination weave.

I feel that this quote is more appropriate for the occasion.

Here's a good look at the heated Tyvek and hammered copper wire.

I have a collection of sequins in various floral shapes.  Sometimes they add just the little bit of sparkle that a project needs.  I wish the center good luck in its mission and I am happy to contribute to its continued success.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little Golden Tree

Yet another teabag surface design quilt emerges.  I find that my continuation of this process is helping me get very comfortable with it.  This little tree uses a lot of the techniques of the larger, more colorful tree.  Snow-dyed fabric base, teabags with matte medium, candy wrappers, free-motion quilting, etc.  I did cut my own stencil for the birds in flight above the tree and used Shiva oil paintsticks to add them on.

Dimensions 8 1/2 " X 16"

Once again, I love the shimmer of the dupioni silk for the border.  This one is a combination copper and gold and really highlights the tree.

The bottom has some hand-stitched grass and seed bead "rocks".  I used variegated cotton floss.

I was pretty happy with how my hand made stencil of birds in flight looked above the tree.

Feel free to comment and make suggestions.  I appreciate everyone of you who take the time to do so.  

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tree of "Real" Life

Yet another teabag quilt is complete and this one was easy to name.  Using my usual mixed-media style, I incorporated several different items for the leaves.  They are items from my real life.  The gold and silver linings from Christmas card envelopes, leftover painted papers from my studio projects, tyvek envelopes that, no doubt, carried some sort of important mail, old wine bottle labels and chocolate candy wrappers to name a few items.  I added a bit of hand stitching and metallic seed beads for grass and pebbles.  It's nice to see the important things making up my tree - not the least of those being chocolate.

Dimensions 15" X 15"

I used fabric paints to paint the base fabric and then used matte medium to attach the tea bags.  Using old cardstock I made a stencil and then painted with Shiva copper paint stick.  The grass is a variety of cotton floss colors.  

I added some copper Dupioni silk that I purchased at the NJ Quiltfest on Saturday and that highlighted the metallic sheen of the many foils that make up the leaves.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Would you like a spot of tea?

Dimensions 8 1/2 " X 8 1/2"
This collection of teabags was just calling out for a cup of tea.  Armed with matte medium and some more snow-dyed fabric I tried my hand at a third quilt with teabags as a surface design element.  I love using text and really good quotes to add to the images and I am having a lot of fun just picking out little embellishments from all over the place.  This quilt uses teabag tags, beads, sequins, a key, a piece of copper that I heated, bent and hammered, a candy wrapper, old book page and some Shiva paintsticks stenciled through punchinella.  I already know who will be receiving this one as a gift.

I just love the caption on the teabag label.

Some vintage mother-of-pearl buttons add to the aged look of the piece.

I have two more teabag surface design quilts on the work table.  Stay tuned for where I take them.